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Wolfe County:

Campton Bank Robbery (Farmers & Traders Bank) January 7, 1957

Civil War Chronology - Wolfe County

Hazel Green Herald Index 1896-April 9, 1901

Hazel Green Herald Index 1888-1894

Hazel Green Herald July 11, 1901-May 21, 1903; May 28, 1903-July 18, 1905

Hazel Green Herald April 4, 1895-March 26, 1896; January-March, 1895; January 15-November 18, 1892;

March 24, 1893; April 28, 1898; August 20, 1903

Hazel Green Herald March 4, 1885-June 1, 1887; June 8, 1887-December 30, 1887

Hazel Green Herald 1885, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894

Hazel Green Herald July 11, 1901-May 21, 1903; May 28, 1903-July 18, 1905

Hazel Green Herald 1885-1887

Hazel Green Herald Births 1885-1888

Hazel Green Herald Death Notices 1885-1888

Hazel Green Herald Marriages 1885-1891

Hazel Green Herald July 1, 1909-May 29, 1913; February 22, 1917-July 26, 1917

Kentucky Historical Organizations, Directory of Kentucky

Kentucky Counties, Formation of

Centennial Celebration of Wolfe County Kentucky (Souvenir Book) 1860-1960

Swifts Camp Church 1848

Wolfe County Births

Wolfe County Marriages, Births, Deaths 1861, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1902, 1903, 1904

Wolfe County Historical Society - Times Past

Wolfe County Cemeteries: Valeria, Black Water, Sandfield, and Red River

Wolfe County Cemeteries 1860-1993

Wolfe County Cemeteries 1860-1901

Wolfe County Census 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 (Microfilm Only)

Wolfe County Marriages 1913-1993, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

Wolfe County - Vol. 1 - Early and Modern History of

Wolfe County History, Vol. 11 & Vol. III

Wolfe County - Miscellaneous

Wolfe County Public Library

Wolfe County Deaths

Lee County:

Lee County Births, Deaths and Marriages 1874-1878; 1900-1910

Lee County Centennial 1870-1970

Lee County Kentucky Annotated Census 1880

Lee County Historical & Genealogical Society Newsletter July-September, 1987

Lee County History Vol. II 1878-1887

Lee County Marriages 1896; 1900-1902

Lee County Marriages 1872-1895

Mortality Schedule 1874-1875

The Romance of Lee County

Letcher County:

Letcher County Deaths

Letcher County Federal Census 1860

Letcher County Marriages

Letcher County Marriage Record No. I

Owsley County:

Owsley County Census 1850

Owsley County Deaths 1850's

Owsley County, Small Mail Route Contracts 1854-1858

Morgan County:

Morgan County Marriages 1823-1867 (2)

Morgan County Marriages 1868-1881; 1884-1887

Morgan County Marriages 1868-1881

Last Train to Jackson the, (Pictorial History of Cannel City)

Morgan County First Court Order Book 1823-1830

Breathitt County:

Donated by the Breathitt County Historical & Genealogical Society, July 26, 2005*:

Breathitt County Cemetery Records - Vol. 3, Vol. 4, Vol. 5, Vol. 6, Vol. 7

Common Folk, Volume II

Militia Breathitt County, KY - 1876

Breathitt County Marriage Records - Books 61-65, 1940-1956

Breathitt County Census - 1840 & 1850 - also Federal Slave Census 1850

Breathitt County Census - 1860

Breathitt County Census - 1870

Breathitt County Census - 1920


Breathitt County Census 1990

Breathitt County Census 1850 & 1850

Breathitt County Census 1860 (2)

Breathitt County Census 1870 (2)

Breathitt County Census 1880

Breathitt County Militia 1876

Frozen Flood 1939

In the Land of Breathitt

Marriages of Breathitt County

50th Anniversary of "Little" Breathitt County

Recollections of Breathitt

Family Histories:

Allen Family "River Jim"

Anderson, Campbell, Byrd

Back, Carter, Jackson, Families of

Back Home Again in Eastern Kentucky

Back-Bache Family of Eastern Kentucky

Back's, Dr., Book of Family History (Back, Hurst, Calhoun, Landsaw, Stamper, etc...)

Bailey Marriages, Early, 1500-1851

Bailey Family


Barker, John C. and Aryelia Rose, The Ancestors and Descendants of by Gary Barker and Marvin Barker

Bowman Family by Miles Crawford

Bowling, Jesse Descendents

Brewer, Willis B. Family

Brock & Gabbard Families

Bryant, Pvt. William, Kentucky & Missouri Families

Byrd-Stephenson & Other lineages

Campbell, William, Family

Chambers Family

Childers Family of Wolfe, Breathitt and Perry County Kentucky (Descendants of Henry Childers & Susannah Goolsby)

Childers, William Jasper Born Feb. 1863 - Descendants of

Creech, Hiram & Descendants

Culbertson Family

Culbertson Family of Wolfe County

Drake Family

Duff Family (2)

Elam Family

Families of Wolfe County - contributed by Pamela Jean Adams


Fugate Family

Goodwin Families of Virginia & Kentucky

Hanks Historical Review

Hays Family & Cousins

Helton - My People: J. L. Helton, Jr.: Descendants of William Landsaw

Helton, Pence, Milne, Hastle

Helton-Pence Ancestory

Henson Family

Hobbs-Cable, Carroll, Dugger, Shoemaker, Spencer

Holland, John/Hollon Jr., Parents & Grandparents of

Hollon, Holland, Hollin 1870-1880; 1900-1920

Hollon, Origin of the Name

Horton Family

Howe-Day-Gilmore-Oldfield & Other Related Families

Hursts of Shenandoah


Kash, Caleb, Family

Kentucky Family Archives

Kentucky Family Archives Vol. III

Kentucky Family Archives

Kinfolk Authority, Cecil-Nickell-Rose

Lane, Charlie & Carmie Helton Lane

Lawson Family Heritage Program - William Lawson (b. 1731 Montrose, Scotland)

Lawson, William

Lawson, William: Scottish Rebel and Other Pioneer Families of Southern Appalachia by Bill Porter

Lewis & Related Families

Lewis Family

Little, Harrison H., Descendants of

Little Cousins of Wolfe County

Littles of Wolfe & Breathitt Counties


Map Guide to U.S. Federal Census

Mayflower Arrivals & Their Children

Miller Family

Morris Families


Palmer, Parks, Poythress, Swain

Perkins Family

Richardson Family

Rogers and Allied Families of Estill & Wolfe County

Rose, John & Rebecca Bowen, the Descendants of

Russell, Riley F. - Descendants of

Smidt/Smitt/Smith/Smyth Family


Spencer Cousins (2)

Spencer 1731-1991

Stacy - A Stacy Trace - Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 by Gladys Wheeler

Stamper - Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin: Some Descendants of James, Jonathen and Joel Stamper

Swango, Captain Henry Chapman

Swango Family of Wolfe County



Miscellaneous Sources:

1890 Soldier Census of Powell & Estill Counties

Archeological Survey of Kentucky

Bullock, Harry E., Papers

Clay County Cemetery Records Vol. I

Clay County Marriages 1851-1867

Come With Us & Rediscover Historic, Old Greenup, Kentucky

Estill County Marriages, Book A, 1808-1848 (2)

Fayette County Genealogical Society Quarterly, Winter 1987

Fayette County Genealogical Society Quarterly, Spring 1987

Fayette County Genealogical Society Quarterly, Fall 1987

Grayson County Virginia Marriage Records I

Guide to Selected Manuscripts

Henry County, Virginia Marriage Bonds 1778-1849

Kentucky, Historic Families of

Kentucky Obituaries 1787-1854

Kentucky Court & Other Records Vol. II

Kentucky Court and Other Records Vol. I

Kentucky Regional State Senators & Representatives

Kentucky Marriages 1865-1797

Kentucky, History of (Illustrated)

Lee County Virginia Marriages 1830-1836

Looking for Leads-Breathitt County

Magoffin County Historical Society

Morgan County, Kentucky: A Picture Album, Book 2 by W. Lynn Nickell (Donated by Reva Terrill)

Noble, George Washington, Civil War Days

North & South Carolina Marriage Records

Perry County, Marriage Bonds, Book B 1858-1865

Searches (formerly known as the "Locator")

Tazewell County Virginia Marriage Register

Tennessee Cousins

Weeden Gay Diaries 1872-1888 (Powell County - a Civil War History)

Where to Write for Vital Records

White Oak Christian Church (O. C. Helton)

Wise County Virginia

Wise County, Virginia, the Story of

On Compact Disk:

Descendants of John Maloney

Descendants of William Swango (Limited Information)

George Hollon Descendants

Photographs of Townsend/Rogers/Brewer donated by Stephen Rhodes

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